Benetech GM100 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge


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  • 1.Data storage/deletion
  • 2.Measuring sound velocity
  • 3.LCD backlight display
  • 4.Low battery reminder
  • 5.Automatic shut-down


  • Display mode: four-digit LCD display
  • Display minimum unit: 0.1mm
  • Working frequency: 5MHz
  • Measuring range: 1.2~225.0mm (steel)
  • Pipe measurement lower limit: Φ20x3mm (steel)
  • Measurement error: ±(1%H+0.1)mm.H is the actual thickness of the measured object
  • Sound speed adjustment range: 1000~9999m/s
  • Inverse sound velocity with known thickness:Measuring range 1000~9999m/s, when the thickness of the test block is less than 20mm, the speed of sound is measured Accuracy is ±1%; when the thickness of the test block is> 20mm, the accuracy of sound velocity measurement is ±5%
  • Operating temperature range: 0~40℃
  • Power supply: three 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries
  • Working current: normal test ≤50mA; open LED backlight ≤120mA;Static current≤20uA;
  • Dimensions: 72x146x29mm
  • Product weight: 202G

Packing List

  • 1 host;
  • Probe: 1 standard (Φ10mm 5MHz),Optional 1 (Φ10mm 2.5MHz);
  • 1 bottle of coupling agent (50ml);
  • 1 4mm calibration block
  • 1 leather case.