Benetech GM1020 Digital Lux Meter


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  • 1.Powerful measurement functions: It can measure not only current values, maximums,and minimums of illuminance and temperature,but also illuminance difference, integrating illuminance, and average integrating illuminance.
  • 2.Support for automatic storage of illuminance data (up to 1900 groups) and manual storage of illuminance data (up to 60 groups)
  • 3.Wide measuring range (0 to 200,000 lux) and support of automatic range shift
  • 4.Delivered with computer-based analysis software, allowing users to operate the meter with ease
  • 5.Quick response, high portability, and operable by a single hand
  • 6.The sensor can be rotated
  • 7.Backlight



Measurable objects      
Illuminance and temperature, illuminance     
difference, maximumand minimum
illuminance and temperature, integrating
illuminance and integrating time, and
average integrating illuminance

Photoelectric element     
Silicon diode     
Thermal probe     
NTC thermistor     
Illuminance measuring range     
Total measuring range:0~200,000 Lux,      
into four ranges
×1:0~199.9 Lux
Temperature measuring range      
Illuminance accuracy     
±3%rdg (below 10000 Lux);     
±4%rdg (above 10000 Lux)
Temperature accuracy      
±1.0 ℃     
Units of illuminance and temperature     
Four combinations of units are available.     
Illumination data storage      
Automatic:Up to 1900 groups of data can be stored. LuxLAB is
used to set the storage cycle and whether to start or stop storage.     
Manual:Up to 60 groups of data can be stored. Whether to store
is determined manually.
LCD display update frequency     
Twice per second     
Operating temperature/humidity      
Storage temperature/humidity     
Power supply     
Two AAA batteries     
Battery life     
10 hours (continuous operation     
with a USB connection)

Auto shutdown     
You can set an auto shutdown     
timer through LuxLAB.


Packing List

  • Color box*1
  • Host*1
  • Instructions*1
  • USB*1
  • CD*1
  • PP box*1
  • 1.5V battery*2