Benetech GM63B Vibration Meter


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  • 1.LCD display measurement result and conditions directly
  • 2.Measures acceleration (m/s² peak), velocity (mm/s ms),and displacement (mm p-p)
  • 3.Selective vibration characteristic
  • 4.Uses hi- sense of vibration sensor, measuring accurately
  • 5.Equipped two probes (S and L) to adapt the different measurement requirement
  • 6.Provides a magnetic probe to fit the condition uneasy hold on by hand
  • 7.Low battery indication
  • 8.Auto turn off function
  • 9.LCD back light function
  • 10.Maximum value hold function
  • 11.Temperature unit C°/F°selection


Technical parameter
Technical specification
Vibration pickup
Piezoelectric ceramic accelerometer (shear-type)
Measurement range
of acceleration
0.1~199.9m/s peak
Measurement range
of velocity
0.1~199.9mm/s rms
Measurement range
of displacement
0.001~1.999mm p-p
Velocity and displacement range is limited by
Measurement accuracy
Measurement frequency
range of acceleration
10Hz~1KHz (LO) 1KHz~15KHz (HI)
Measurement frequency
range of velocity
10Hz~1KHz (LO)
Measurement frequency
range of displacement
10Hz~1KHz (LO)
Displays update cycle
1 seconds
LCD display
3 1/2 digits display
Single output
AC output 2 V peak (display full scale)
Load impedance 10KΩor more earphones
can be connected
Power supply
9V battery
Stand-by current
Operating current
Battery life
20 H continuous use
Auto power-off function
Turns off automatically after 60 seconds
LCD backlight function
7 seconds
Operating temperature range
Operating humidity range
Low battery indication
229g (not including battery)
Temperature range
Temperature accuracy


Packing List

  • Main unit*1
  • Detector handle*1
  • 9V Alkaline battery*1
  • Instruction manual*1
  • Detector probe accessorg (L)*1
  • Detector probe accessorg (S)*1
  • Magnetic probe*1
  • PP packing box*1