Digital Vacuum Gauge Micron Gauge VMV-1

Value Feiyue

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lt uses  the  Pirani high-precision vacuum sensor to precisely measure vacuum levels. Digital display affords a comprehensive view  of vacuum conditions. When reaching the preset vacuum level, it will buzz as a reminder.When the vacuum level decreases from the pre-set vacuum level, it will buzz rapidly and flash the backlight to warn of leaks.



  • Range 0~10000Pa、0~100.00mBar、0~75.000mmHg、0~75000Microns
  • Resolution     0.01(<10Pa) 0.0001(<10mBar) 0.0001(<10mmHg) 1(<30000Microns)
  • Accuracy    2~100Pa:±5% of reading( at ambient temperature 20 celcius
  • Unit optional:    Pa, mBar, mmHg, Microns
  • sensor    Pirani sensor
  • Maximum overload pressure    72PSI/0.5Mpa

General Profile

  • Dimensions    147×59×33mm
  • Net weight  125g
  • Power 1.5V AA * 3pcs

Packing list

  •  vacuum gauge * 1pc
  • T-joint * 1pc
  • extension adapter * 1pc
  • oxford bag * 1pc
  • manual * 1pc
  • gift box * 1pc