ANENG AC09 Voltage Test Socket Detector With Backlight Screen


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  • AC09 socket tester is mainly used for the polarity detection of power socket wiring and the safety of leakage switches. It can quickly and accurately detect the wiring of the socket. The tester with display screen can also measure the voltage of the socket and display it.


model AC09 Socket Tester
Plug US, EU, UK, AU
Work Voltage 90~250V/45~65Hz
Test Voltage Range 90~260V/45~65Hz
Accuracy ±(2.0%+3)
Work Temperature 0 °C~40 °C
Work Humidity 20%~75%RH
Stock Temperature -10°C~50 °C
Stock Humidity 20%~80%RH
RCD Current >30mA
RCD Work Voltage 220V±20V


Package List:

  • 1 *AC09 Socket Tester(without batteries)
  • 1 *User Manual
  • 1 *Outer Packing Box