1999 Counts Digital Clamp meter 1000A AC DT266/X/C


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  • This meter is completely portable,LCD,3-1/2 digital clamp meter with insulation test function(with option 500V insulation tester unit).Designed for use by electricians,technicians,serviceman and hobbyists who required  an instrument that is  accurate,reliable,and always ready for use.It has rugged structure design,good feeling held in operator's hand and convenient use.


Model DT266 DT266X DT266C
DC Voltage 2V-1000V 1V-1000V 200m-1000V
AC Voltage 200V-750V 200V-750V 200V-750V
AC Current 20m-1000A 200A-1000A 200A-1000A
Resistance 200- 2000MΩ 2000- 2000MΩ 2000- 2000MΩ
Data Hold
Temperature x x 1400°F/750°C
Power 6F22 9V 6F22 9V 6F22 9V
Size 193*40.8*227.5 193*40.8*227.5 193*40.8*227.5
Product Net Weight 187g 187g 187g

Package Include:
  • 1 * clamp meter
  • 1 * Lanyard
  • 1 * Test lead
  • 1 * Manual
  • 1 * Storage bag
  • 1 * Thermocouple (DT266C Only)