ANENG DM3004A Handheld High Sensitivity Metal Detector


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  • The hand-held metal detector EMD28 detects both ferrous and nonferrous metals.sensitivity is can also locate metal objects in camouflaged hiding places such as persons, hand luggage ,mail and parcel consignments, walls,wainscoting,hollow spaces and in the soil.
  • Power Voltage:9V Standard or Rechargeable Battery(Not included)
  • Current consumption:less than 3mA
  • Dimensions:395mm(operation)/260mm(storage)
  • Operation temperature:-10°C~+50°C
  • 1.Turn on the detector ,a unique tone"beep" lndicates that the detector is already for operation.(If the beeper whistles or the alarm indicator lights continously, that indicates battery-replace should be taken).
  • 2.A unique tone "beep"indicates the exist of metals while sweeping.
  • 3.For detecting the under-ground objects,the search head being parallel to the ground is recommended.


    • 1 * Metal Detector (without batteries)
    • 1 * Lanyard
    • 1 * User Manual (English)