ANENG MH13 2000 Counts Insulation Tester


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  • Insulation resistance tester (or high voltage insulation meter) is a special instrument for measuring insulation resistance. It is an ideal test instrument for measuring insulation resistance of large transformers, transformers, generators, high-voltage motors, power capacitors, power cables, arresters, etc.


The output voltage Measuring range  Precision  Short circuit
250V 1MΩ -10GΩ ±(5%+10d) 1.8mA
500V/1000V 2MΩ -20GΩ ±(5%+10d)
2000V/2500V 5MΩ -40GΩ ±(5%+10d)
AC voltage 10-600V ±(1%+5d)
DC voltage 10-600V ±(0.8%+5d)
Resistance range 1MΩ -200GΩ 100 sets of
data storage
Max Count 2000 Counts HD backlit screen
Use battery   AA5 battery *8 Absorption ratio
Material Silica gel/ABS Polarization Index
Weight 640g Autoranging
Pen material PVC/brass Automatic discharge
Overall length
of test leads
108cm Test voltage display
Back support High pressure
Low voltage
time display


Package inclued:

  • 1* Packing box
  • 1* Resistance megohmmeter (without batteries)
  • 1* Aligator clip
  • 1* Storage bag
  • 1* Instruction Manual
  • 1* Test lead
  • 1* Signal Shielding Wire