Digital Clamp Meter 400A/600A AC NCV ST181/182/183


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  • Can measure AC/DC voltage, AC current, resistance and test continuity.
  • Manual select measurement function and range.
  • Overload protection for the whole measurement range.
  • LCD display with backlight, convenient to operate and read.
  • Data hold function, low battery indication, auto power off.
  • Suitable for electrical equipment testing and maintenance.


 model ST181 ST182 ST183
DC voltage 400mV~600V 400mV~600V 6V~600V
AC voltage 4V~600V 4V~600V 6V~600V
AC current 40A~400A 40A~400A 60A~600A
resistance 4000~40MΩ 4000~40MΩ 600.00~60.00MΩ
capacitance 4nF~4mF 4nF~4mF 6.000nF~60.00mF
temperature ×

-20°C~ 1000°C

32°F~ 1382°F

Hz / frequency 4Hz~4MHz 4Hz~4MHz 999.9Hz~20.00mHz
diode ×
Zero fire line
On off beep
Backlight screen
Data retention
Maximum count 4000 counts 4000 counts 6000 counts
weight 129g 129g 129g
Battery model AAA*2 AAA*2 AAA*2
Line material brass /PVC Product material ABS

  • Aufomatic shutdown:No operafion within 10 minufes wilt shuf down automatically

Package List:

  • 1 * Clamp Multimeter
  • 1 * Black Packing Bag
  • 1 * Test Pen
  • 1 * Temperature line (ST182 only)
  • 1 * User Manual