Digital Clamp Meter DT3266L/VC3266L+/DT3266F


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  • 1.Measuring current, resistance, DCV, ACV and FireWire
  • 2.The trigger adopted with anti-slide design, convenient and simple
  • 3.LCD screen, digital display, reading accuracy and speediness
  • 4.Stable performance, lower power consumption, higher reliability and safety
  • 5.Diode and buzzer function(VC3266L+/DT3266F Only)
  • 6.AC and DC current brake reading, high accuracy, high efficiency and fast read.


 Model DT3266L
VC3266L+ DT3266F
DC voltage 600V 600V 600V
AC voltage 600V 600V 600V
AC current 20-200-600A 2-20-600A 2-20-600A
Resistance 2kΩ-200kΩ~2MΩ 200kΩ~2MΩ 200kΩ-2MΩ
Buzzer ×
Diode ×
Zero line of fire recognition
Data retention
Automatic shut-down ×
battery 1.5V*2 1.5V*2 1.5V*2
size 177* 59* 26mm 177* 59* 26mm 177* 59* 26mm


Package included:

  • 1 x Clamp Ammeter
  • 1 x English User Manual
  • 1 x Test Lead Probe