DUOYI DY2015/2015A 12V 24V Car Battery System Tester


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  • With large LCD display, easy to read the value
  • Fully diagnose the battery status and car charging system
  • Battery test: cold cranking amps, battery resistance, voltage, life analysis
  • Engine system test: the change of battery system with the process of startup
  • Charging system test: the charging system working state of the output
  • Maximum load system test: the maximum load state of battery
  • Rich Parameters measured and displayed for battery condition diagnose
  • Overload protection and wrong connection protection keeps operator always safe
  • Easily read out conclusion of battery condition good/OK/pay attention/replace
  • Loose lead detection, unit conversion CCA/IEC/EN/DIN


  • CCA:100~1700
  • IEC:100~1000
  • EN:100~1700
  • DIN:100~1000
  • JIS:Reference table in manual
  • Displays Battery Internal Resistance:Display ohms
  • Displays Battery Voltage:Display volts
  • Displays Battery Condition:good/OK/pay attention/replace
  • Test 12V Batteries:yes
  • Battery Recharge Indicator:yes
  • Reverse Polarity Protection:yes
  • Detects and Displays Bad cell:yes
  • Loose Lead Detection:yes
  • Internal Unit Conversion EN,EIC,DIN:yes
  • Overload protection of input voltage:yes
  • Cable Length:700mm
  • Dimension:180 * 90 * 32 mm
  • Weight:400 g

Package Content:

  • 1 x DY2015 Car battery tester
  • 1 x Pair test leads