DUOYI DY219 12V Car Battery Tester


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  • 1. With great design, easy operation, precise reading, complete functions, this tester supply the readings by a large LCD and hints by sound and light when testing.
  • 2. Precise circuit and strong digital processing unit make it complete collection of a series of complicated data and figure out every test data
  • 3. This battery tester strengthen input protection inside , in order to prevent such situations as polar reversal connection ,over-high voltage input, poor contact of the test clamps and so on.That makes sure safer and more convenient when testing.
  • 4. Anti-slip rubber sleeve provide a safe operate condition Storage battery tester fit for all kinds of lead-acid batteries that used in equipment system associated with lead-acid battery.
  • 5. It is available to vehicle of 12V storage battery.The working voltage of tester is DC 9V to 18V.
  • Note: Do please do not check the series connection battery with the tester.


  • 12V system test voltage:DC 9-18V
  • Battery internal resistance: 0-99mΩ
  • Battery status of health: 0-100%
  • Battery conclusion:Good/OK/Attention/replace
  • Operation language: English only
  • Standard of optional storage battery: CCA: 100-1700; IEC: 100-1000; EN:100-1700,DIN:100-1000; JIS: need to compare CCA with a table(the table is included in user manual).Generally,battery standard was marked on battery body.In case there is no mark,please refer to vehicle exhaust, more details in "quick start guide"

Package include:

  • 1* Storage battery tester
  • 1* User manual (in English)