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KW309 Universal Car Scanner Professional Automotive Code Reader Vehicle CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool

KW309 Car Scanner Features:

  • KW309 code reader, plug and play, fast scan and clear trouble codes, very easy to use, even a fresh man can use this unit to read the error code.
  • Full OBDII diagnostic scanner function: Read & erase engine fault code, view freeze frame data, viewing vehicle information etc.
  • KW309 auto code reader can quickly read and erase all types of vehicle stored emission related trouble codes, pending codes, and show code definitions.
  • Perfect fixed car diagnostic tool for car DIY mechanic and car owners.
  • Portable anti-slip design and long diagnostic cable arrows you to perform a professional diagnostic in or out of your vehicle.
  • Large LCD display and four logical buttons, easily operate and indicate test results directly.
  • No battery, power supplied by vehicle, even a fresh man can easily use this unit.
  • You may save the diagnostic data in KW309 OBD2 scanner, including trouble codes, freeze frame and live data.
  • Provide life-time free software update to fix the latest bugs or add new parameters.

KW309 Car Scanner Specifications:

  • 1. Color: Red, Black(optional)
  • 2. Material: Plastic
  • 3. Operating Temperature: 0 to 60°C(32 to 140F°)
  • 4. Storage Temperature: - 20 to 70°C(- 4 to 158F°)
  • 5. Dimension: 200 * 150 * 40mm

KW309 Car Scanner Packing List:

  • 1PC * KW309 Car Scanner
  • 1PC * User Manual
  • 1PC * Packing Box