Non-contact Induction Electic Pen


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  • 1.AC voltage measurement,When AC voltage is detected, the LED flashes red and emits a rapid beep
  • 2.ABS pen tip insulation material, sensitive/stable/intelligent
  • 3.Flashlight illuminates for you.Allows you to see the measurement position clearly in a dark environment
  • 4.Sound and light screen alarm, more intuitive detection, at a glance
  • 5.When AC voltage is detected, the sound screen indicator will flash red and sound an alarm beep
  • 6.When the red LED and buzzer stop, it is the breakpoint position
  • 7.The electric pen can be hung on clothes at any time, making it more convenient to carry around
  • 8.The tester pen will be auto power off after 3 mins without any operation or signal to save the battery life


  • Item:Non-contact Induction Electic Pen
  • Material:ABS
  • Color:Black
  • Electric pen head:PC material
  • Working voltage:12~1000V,50/60Hz
  • Size:157*26.4*23mm
  • Weight:33g
  • Features:LED lighting, bright screen
  • Scope of application:AC voltage sensing/Line breakpoint search/Zero live wire detection
  • Automatic shutdown: automatically shut down in 3 minutes without induction or operation.

Package Included:

  • 1pcs*Non-contact Induction Electic Pen