PEAKMETER PM2205 Digital power meter AC 1000A


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  • 1. The meter can be used for testing power, voltage, current, peak value, phase,frequency, power factor, phase angle, and reaction factor, etc. of single-/three-phase circuit; automatic phase sequence testing is possible for 3-phase measurement.
  • 2. True effective value measurement: accurate measurement is possible even with serious distortion in current waveform.
  • 3. Low-consumption high-speed single-chip microprocessor is employed and sophisticated algorithm is applied, as a result, results can be obtained rapidly and precisely, and up to 20 harmonics and distortion value thereof can be measured.
  • 4. It is equipped with a large-size memory for saving up to 100 groups of test parameters.
  • 5. It is equipped with RS232C communication and recording interface and dedicated WINDOWS graphics software.
  • 6. Hand-held, clamp-type structure, with light weight, convenient for carry-on.


Package list  

  • 1 * Clamp Meter  
  • 1 * Portable Bag 
  • 1 * Test Probe 
  • 3 * Test Clip 
  • 1 * Rs232 Interface Cable 
  • 1 *software CD