PM8233A,B,D,E 2000 Counts Digital Multimeter


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  • 1. This 2000 counts multimeter can accurately measure AC and DC voltage, AC and DC current.
  • 2. Displays values on a digital screen to help you control real-time condition of testing object.
  • 3. Auto ranging (PM 8233D/E only) helps correct error to ensures the validity of data.
  • 4. It can also be used for resistance and temperature measurement, continuity test and diode test.
  • 5. Supports data hold, maximum hold (PM 8233D/E only) and backlight(except PM8233).
  • 6. Indispensible tool meter for electrician measurement. 


  • Model: PM8233E 
Technial Parameter Range Accuracy
DC Volttage 200mV/2V/20V/200V ±(0.5%+2)
600V ±(0.8%+2)
AC Voltage 2V/20V/200V/600V ±(1.0%+3)
DC Current 200μA/2mA/20mA/200mA ±(1.0%+3)
10A ±(3.0%+3)
AC Current 200μA/2mA/20mA/200mA ±(1.2%+3)
10A ±(3.0%+5)
Resistance 200Ω/2kΩ/20kΩ/200kΩ/2MΩ  ±(0.8%+2)
20MΩ ±(1.0%+2)
Temperature -20℃ - 1000℃ (PM8233E only)
-4℉ - 1832℉ (PM8233E only)
20k Hz ±(1.5%+3)  (PM8233D only)
Display 2000 Counts
Auto Ranging Yes (PM 8233D, PM 8233E only)
Data Hold Yes
Maximum Hold Yes (PM 8233D, PM 8233E only)
Backlight Yes
Diode Test Yes
Continuity Test Yes
General Parameter
Power Supply 9V 6F22 Battery (NOT included)
Weight Approx. 228g
Safety Rating CE CAT.II600V RoHS


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Digital Multimeter (Battery is NOT included)
  • 2 x Test Probe
  • 1 x Thermocouple