Digital Infrared Thermometer 1076 °F TH02A


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  • 1. Replaceable temperature unit: Celsius/Fahrenheit temperature can be adjusted, and safe measurement can be carried out without contact. It is suitable for high temperature and difficult-to-reach surface temperature measurement.
  • 2. Fast measurement in 0.3 seconds: The optical system is used to focus the infrared energy on the sensor to achieve fast and accurate measurement.
  • 3. Application: This thermometer is suitable for measuring food cooking temperature, mechanical maintenance, cold drink surface temperature measurement.
  • 4. Button design: The thermometer adopts the button design, the material is soft and not easy to fall off, and the operation is extremely convenient.
  • 5. Water or oil measurement method: When measuring boiling liquid, do not let smoke or water vapor contact the temperature sensing area, and keep the measurement angle at about 45°~60°.


  • Brand: ANENG
  • Model: TH02A
  • Dimensions: Height: 194.1mm, Width: 47.8mm
  • Object distance ratio: 12:1
  • Power supply: 2*AAA 1.5V battery (Not included)
  • Automatic shutdown: 6s
  • Measurement temperature: - 58 °F ~ + 1076 °F

Packing List

  • 1 * Thermometer
  • 1 * Manual
  • 1 * Packing Box