Non-Contact voltage Tester VC1017/VC1018


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  • ★Non-contact voltage detection (NCV): The closer the distance, the faster the alarm sound, and the voltage is measured. When the voltage is detected, the buzzer will have an alarm sound and the red indicator light flashes.
  • ★High-definition backlit screen (LCD): High-definition backlit large display screen, detection along the line of the electric tester, when the red light does not flicker and the buzzer alarms, and it stops at the breakpoint position, it is the position that is determined(VC1018 Only)
  • ★Temperature measurement: use temperature measurement, connect the temperature wire to measure, and can measure the current temperature without plugging in the wire
  • ★Flashlight lighting: Let you be in a dark environment, no longer be afraid of invisible measurement locations, and eliminate the risk of electric shock
  • ★Induction probe: Fully sealed insulation material ABS, sensitive and accurate, with LED lighting at the probe
  • ★Low power consumption mode: 5 minutes without any operation will automatically shut down






Automatic shut-down

5 minutes (No operation for)

Battery Model

1.5V AAA*2(Not included)


38mm*27.3*172.8mm/ 1.49in*1.07in*6.8in


41.2g(VC1017), 42.4g(VC1018)

Battery model

AAA*2 (not included)

Function: zero fire line detection, non-contact induction, breakpoint detection, adjustable sensitivity, flashlight, automatic shutdown

Package Included:

  • 1 * Test Pencil