DUOYI DY18 Car Power Circuit Tester Probe


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  • Momentary switch forward/backward to feed power or ground to quickly activate and check electric components
  • Quickly check if a car circuit or car appliance is Positive, Negative or Open by probing it and observing the RED or GREEN LED
  • Test continuity of switches, relays, diodes, fuses and wires by connecting them between auxiliary ground lead and the probe tip and observing the GREEN LED
  • Find faulty ground connections instantly
  • Follow and locate short circuit
  • Piercing tip makes no exposure required provides easy operation


  • Operation voltage: 6-24V DC
  • Cable length: about 4m
  • Overload protection: 8A (When the current exceeds 8A, this item will disconnect the current automatically.)
  • Weight: about 200g


  • 1. Do not use the item around explosive gas, vapor, or dust. When the power switch is pressed (or rocked), battery current is conducted directly to the tip which may cause sparks when contacting ground or certaincircuits.
  • 2. The unit is not to be used with 110/220V house current, it is only use for DC 6~24V systems.
  • 3. Do not use on AC voltage.
  • 4. After you finishing checking vehicle, correctly restored all the connection-s which you disconnected.
  • 5. Always follow the instructions and procedures indicated in the vehicle's service manual before attempting to disconnect any part or subsystem of the electrical circuit.
  • 6. Never touch any dangerous part of the vehicle with your hand for safety. Don't touch any live conductor with hand or skin.
  • 7. Don't use it if it is damaged.
  • 8. Some components of vehicle work on low voltage, they cannot withstand the voltage allied by the item. To avoid damage for these components, don't use the item to apply voltage directly or indirectly.
  • 9. Before driving, please always make sure that the vehicle is safe and reliable.
  • 10. Don't use this item when driving.

Package List:

  • 1x Circuit tester
  • 1x User manual (in English)