DUOYI DY3015B,C 12V 24V Car Battery Tester with printer SOH SOC cranking test CCA AH Multilingual 14 langs


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  • Four tester fully diagnose battery status and electrical system of cars (12V) and heavy duty vehicles(24V)
  • Battery conclusion upon rich parameters measured
  • Wrong-polarity-protected, overload voltage protected
  • All four tests results can be printed out
  • Multi languages available includes 14 main languages in Europe,2 main languages in America, 3 main languages in Asia


  • model:DY3015C
  • Applicable battery:12V/24V
  • Battery Range:30AH-200AH
  • Battery Range:CCA:100-1700 IEC:100-1000 EN:100-1700 DIN:100-1000
  • SCOPE of work:-18°C-50°C
  • Language version:Support for multiple languages
  • Print support:Yes
  • Test method:Four-wire Kelvin test
  • Primary function:
  • 1)Battery Startup Capability Test
  • 2)starter system test load test
  • 3)Max load system test
  • 4)charging system test and so on.

Packing List:

  • 1* battery tester with printer(One Printing Paper Included)
  • 1* User Manual