DUOYI DY4300A Digital 4-Terminal earth resistance and soil resistivity tester


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  • 4 pole earth resistance measurement 0 to 20.99kΩ with min. resolution 0.01Ω
  • Auto ranging soil resistivity measurement 0 to 395.6kΩm
  • Series interference voltage Ust(AC only) 0~30Vrms
  • Measures frequency 400~500Hz
  • Measureing Voltage Um optional/auto-selected 10Vrms 94Hz, 105Hz, 111Hz, 128Hz
  • Test current maximum 10mA
  • Advance filtering method based on FFT(fast fourier transform) reduces noise interference
  • Compensation for residual resistance Rk
  • Data Memory 1000 sets
  • Conforms to CATIV 150V, CATIII 300V

Earth Resistance

  • ange:  2/20/200/2000Ω/20KΩ   
  • Resolution:0.01/0.1/1/10/100Ω
  • Measuring Range:0~20.9 kΩ
  • Ground resistance test methods :Voltage drop method (Probe current and voltage testing)
  • Precise Measurement (3-Wire),Precise Measurement (3-Wire) with Earth Test Leads This is a standard method to measure earth resistances. The measured earth resistances are free of auxiliary earth resistances but the resistances on the E terminal are contained.
  • Precise Measurement (4-wire),Precise Measurement (4-wire) with earth Test Leads The ES terminal is also used with the other terminals used at the 3-wire Precise measurements. In this case, more precise results can be obtained because auxiliary earth resistances of the measured earth resistances are excluded , moreover, resistance of the Test Leads connected to the E Terminal can be canceled.
  • Simplified Measurement (2-Wire),Simplified Measurement (2-Wire) with Simplified Test Probes Use this method when the Auxiliary Earth Spike cannot be stuck. In this method, an existing Earth Electrode with a low earth resistance, such as a metal water pipe, a common earth of a commercial power supply and an earth terminal of a building, can be used with the 2-Wire method . However, the measured earth resistances contain the auxiliary earth resistance and the resistance of the E Test Lead.
  • Soil Resistivity (ρ )Measurement,Making a setting of the interval between Auxiliary Earth Spikes first and measuring the earth resistance with the 4 Auxiliary Earth Spikes stuck into the ground at even intervals. Then the instrument can calculate and display earth resistivity on the LCD automatically.


  • Stable measurement results can be obtained under a noisy environment by introducing the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) technology.



Packing List

  • 4x Auxiliary Earth Spikes
  • 4 x Earth Test Leads
  1. (one Red Earth Test Leads 15 meters,
  2. one Yellow Earth Test Leads 10 meters,
  3. one Green Earth Test Leads 5 meters,
  4. one Black Earth Test Leads 5 meters )
  • 8 x 1.5V(AA) Batteries(Not included)
  • 1 x manual
  • 1 x Bags