DUOYI DY226 6V 12V Battery load tester 80A


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  • 80A discharge current load test designs for 6V/12V lead acid and li-ion battery from 40Ah to 200Ah best for storage battery, UPS battery, solar battery and wind power battery
  • Built-in 10 seconds timer in load test to avoid defective
  • Temperature cnntrol in load test
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Color LED directly tells battery SOH
  • Auto data hold
  • 1. The instrument is applicable to common 6V and 12V lead-acid accumulators.
  • 2. Load test current: about 80A.
  • 3. Accumulator capacity detection range: 40Ah ~ 200Ah.
  • 4. Maximum voltage: DC 19.99V.
  • 5. Internal resistance range of battery: 1.00milliohm ~ 99.99 milliohm.
  • 6. LED status indication:Battery condition: “Green” (Sufficient Capacity), “Yellow”(Insufficient Capacity), “Red” (Replace Battery);Charging system: “Green” (Normal Charging), “Yellow” (Abnormal Charging).
  • 7. Accumulator capacity presetting: continuously adjustable in the range of 40-200Ah, with 5Ah increment.
  • 8. Test time: less than 10s; test time interval: it is suggested as about 5min.
  • 9. Poor contact prompt for test clamp; reverse clamp connection protection; input over voltage protection.
  • 10. Using condition: -10℃~ 55℃ , relative humidity: lower than 80%.
  • 11. Product dimension: about 11.5*7.0*20.5cm; dead weight: about 900g.
  • NOTE: it can not test starting battery(CCA)

Packing list:

  • 1x Battery tester
  • 1x Manual (in English)