DUOYI DY25 Automotive Open and short circuit finder


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  • 1.Function: check short circuit, locating open circuit, wire identification, wire tracing,etc.
  • 2.DY25 Automotive short and open circuit tester cable wire tracer repair tool Tester car tracer Tone line diagnostics Finder
  • 3. OPERATION INSTRUCTION Checking For Short Circuit * Shut off the power under testing * Set the switch of Transmitter to "CONT", connect the Test Leads to the wires that is to be checked. * If the resistance < 10k ohm, the LED of "CONT" will be Green. It indicates that the wires are in short circuit
  • 4. FEATURES * It is possible to trace wires which are even inside bundles,conduits,behind panels, under carpets, upholstery,etc. * Flexible probe allows to reach to wires in congested places. * No wire piercing required,non-contact technology. * Internally protects against power surges and overloads.
  • 5.This tool can check cable break points, find short circuit cables, and identify and track wires without damaging the insulation. This tool consists of a transmitter and a receiver.


  • Item Width:6.8 cm
  • Material Type:coiled steel
  • Item Type:Electrical Testers & Test Leads
  • Item Length:17cm
  • Item Weight:370 g
  • Special Features:short cable finder

package Included:

  • 1*DY25 Sender (9 Volt Battery Not included)
  • 1*DY25 Receiver (9 Volt Battery Not included)
  • 1*User manual(in English)
  • 1*Oxford handbag